Many people think that an African Safari is out of their reach, but this is far from reality.

For around the same price as a nice Elk hunt in North America you can collect up to 5 trophies and see 40 other animals you have only seen in books and on TV. As a bonus you will be treated like a King with laundry service and great meals and comradely.

An African Safari not only allows you to hunt up to 40 different species of game but you will see more animals in one day than you would normally see in an entire season. Most hunting is done Spot and Stalk but hunting can be adapted to all levels of mobility and fitness.

D & D Hunting Safaris currently represents outfitters in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. These outfitters enable me to customize a trip for you depending on Species and type of hunt desired. These outfitters allow D & D Safaris to offer the entire range of plains game as well as Dangerous game, and a choice of luxury accommodations or tented camps.

All of the outfitters I deal with in Africa will look after everything for you from the moment you leave the secure area of the airport until you go through security at the airport again, no dealing with taxis or hotels or trying to find your way around the airport when you return.

A trip to The Dark Continent would not be complete without some sight seeing, and these outfitters have entire divisions of their business devoted to these activities as well.

With so many opportunities available for both hunters and non hunting companions Africa is the place to be. Please take a look at my Packages Page for a small sample of the packages we offer.

But be warned Africa will get into your Soul, and it will only be a matter of time before we are booking your next TRIP OF A LIFE TIME.


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